Our team has strong expertise, intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity and committed to provide personalised services. We assist companies, universities, public institutions and municipalities in driving innovation ecosystems and provide concrete solutions and support.

The driving strategy of the institute is based on having an orientation towards sustainable development and an economy based on knowledge, so that can encourage future generations to continue discovering, creating, modelling, executing, monitoring and improving R&D activities and applied knowledge, skills and competence that are required to ensure the wellbeing of future generations.

IECE’s consultancy services are based on in-depth analysis, trying to understand and meet the client’s needs as efficiently as possible, with the least negative impact on the environment.

We employ complex methodology with 4 steps approach:

  • Analysis and Mapping
  • Development of Programs and Indicators
  • Implementation of Pilot Initiatives
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

In doing so, we provide great value for the money price point, added value and long lasting effects.

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