Our motivation to support and enable applied research and innovation projects lies in the belief that when companies and universities work in tandem they can push the frontiers of knowledge, and become a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth. At the core of the joint applied research projects is the CO-IN© Model.

The aim of this approach is to accelerate cooperative research, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer through enhancing strategic academia-industry alliances between business and educational organisations. It supports the knowledge-based economy and increases the competitiveness and innovation of organisations that invest in research and development, co-create and share new knowledge and strengthen the capacities of the human capital according to their needs.

Participating in applied research and innovation projects opens up lots of possibilities:

  • Creating new public-private partnerships
  • Discovering new funding possibilities
  • Staying in touch about the newest trends and cutting-edge technologies
  • Enhancing research capabilities and research literacy
  • Advancing professional knowledge for staff
  • Accessing research talent and new potential employees

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Nowadays new roles are also expected from universities – in terms of relationships and entrepreneurship. Modern universities realise they need to find the appropriate balance between teaching, research (basic and applied) and entrepreneurship.

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Effects and benefits for universities are:

  • Access to subject matter experts, contemporary workplaces and equipment
  • Curriculum co-design, co-development, and co-delivery with industry experts
  • Enriched programs and learning materials with relevant case studies
  • Creation and sharing of new knowledge
  • Commercialisation of innovation
  • Mobility of staff and students
  • Long-term cooperation with the business sector
  • Local and regional development
  • Availability of new funding
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Collaboration with universities allows companies to acquire new knowledge that can improve their performance and competitiveness. Research projects, and technology transfer,  are all different forms of university-industry collaboration.

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Effects and benefits for companies are:

  • Support to solve problems, address innovation challenges
  • Commercialise concepts, develop new services or products
  • Applicable and practical solutions relevant to everyday operations
  • Access to research talent and potential future employees
  • Creation of new knowledge, new ideas and robust inquiry process
  • Curriculum co-design, co-development, and co-delivery
  • Access to new technologies and new markets
  • Possibilities for new funding
  • Increased competitiveness
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