We support the knowledge-based economy by nurturing public-private partnerships

IECE is positioned to be the interface for academia and industry, providing services and actions in a) Research, development and innovation, b) Education and c) Consultancy. The aim is to provide mutual and beneficial exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise, to create platforms for knowledge exchange and networking, and to develop programs and activities valuable on a national level.

Our education, research and capacity development programs are set around the following fields: Environment, Civil engineering, Energy, Management, Social sciences and IT. Through each of these fields, the Institute addresses the major sustainable issues and challenges societies are facing today. The holistic approach we have can support and give guidance via frame innovation methodology to public institutions in solving complex, open and connected problems.

The Collaborative-Innovative (CO-IN)© Model we have established supports the knowledge-based economy and enables communication and long-term cooperation among different relevant stakeholders (industry, government, educational institutions, professional associations and NGOs). It is an effective tool in addressing complex social, economic, and environmental problems.

Impact and potential of CO-IN model on national level

  • Economic growth and development
  • Enhancing the triple helix
  • Closing the gap between demand and offer in the labor market
  • Knowledge-based economy
  • Intersectoral cooperation
  • National strategy for knowledge management

The effects and benefits of the CO-IN© Model are:

  • Building an innovation eco-system supporting the knowledge triangle through collaboration and strategic partnerships;
  • Closing the gap between demand and offer in the labour market and bridging the valley of death;
  • Added value from education and research by creating useful knowledge;

Explore more about the CO-IN© Model here.

National Knowledge Management Strategy

Closing the gap between demand and offer in the labour market.

We support actions towards the knowledge-based economy and enables efficient knowledge management.

Our service include:

  • Assess the current status and research and innovation potential
  • Assess the collaboration level and good practices between academia, business and government
  • Develop National strategy for managing knowledge and intellectual capital
  • Recommend actions to support long-term cooperation among different relevant stakeholders
  • Design web based innovation platform to manage knowledge

We support public institutions, universities and companies to establish – Cooperative R&D Centres.

Our services include:

  • Develop a methodology for collaboration and open innovation
  • Establishment of Cooperative R&D Units
  • Preparation of strategic documents and portfolio of activities
  • Pilot joint research projects and monitor its effectiveness
  • Enhance career development and employability of students by offering new and innovative opportunities in research

Establishing Cooperative R&D Centres

Partnership between universities and companies, supported by public institutions in knowledge creation and transfer, research and innovation.

Applied Research and Innovation Projects

We provide practical approach to enhance entrepreneurial mindset of organisations.

Our aim is to co-create useful knowledge and contribute to the commercialisation of innovation and business growth. The long-term impact of these activities is closing the gap between the demand and offer in the labour market.

Our services include:

  • Establish a model for collaboration and joint research projects
  • Develop and implement research and innovation projects in collaboration with faculties, companies and Master and PhD students
  • Knowledge and technology transfer, modernisation of processes and introducing new standards
  • Co-creation of knowledge and its integration in the teaching programs

We provide a range of project management services – from project ideas, creating a proposal, managing project applications, quality assurance, dissemination and communication.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of the project needs, choice of the most suitable financing mechanism and assessment of project eligibility
  • Perform partner search and design of a consortium, design of project application
  • Strengthening capacities of organisations and staff to manage application process
  • Supporting staff and upskilling in managing research, education and innovation EU projects

Funding Opportunities

Assisting organisations in project management of research, education and innovation projects.

Capacity Building of
University Teams and Management

Using Global DISC™ – an ICF accredited, а multi award-winning behavioural model designed to unlock individual and group potential.

IECE is certified by ICQ Global to provide service and education in the following actions, aiming to support individuals, teams and organisations in their growth and development.

Our services include:

  • Assessment, coaching and training in Global Disk™ and Growth Mindset for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Using Global DISC™ to help public institutions keep their best people and attract new talent
  • Support management bodies through Intelligent Global Leadership to lead staff in a way that they feel valued, understood and able to turn their differences into synergy instead of painful liability

IECE is a national representative of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Europe, providing and mobilising support for the SDGs and supporting governments in understanding and addressing the challenges of sustainable development with practical solutions.

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