IECE’s staff participated in numerous international and domestic conferences, symposiums, workshops and events with their scientific papers and presentations in in the field of construction, organisational and economic sciences, sustainability, cultural heritage and environment.

IECE has also organised 3 Conferences.

Conferences we organised:

  1. International Conference “Exploring opportunities for international research and education projects”, Yerevan, Armenia, September 2022
  2. International Conference “Benefits and impact academia-industry alliances have in Sarajevo”, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 2022
  3. International Conference “Sustainability Leadership”, Skopje, N. Macedonia, August 2018

Conference we participated in:

Conference Title of the paper/poster
23rd European Conference on Knowledge Management Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Embedding Intellectual Capital in the Business Plan and Strategy
23rd European Conference on Knowledge Management Creating Centres for VET Excellence for Leading Sustainable Systems and Business Transformation
2020 Boundary Spanning Champions Forum, 2020 Collaborative Innovative Model as a Holistic Approach in University-Industry Collaboration in Developing Countries
21st European Conference on Knowledge Management Innovative Model for Development of Learning Organisations through Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital
9th World Sustainability Forum, 2021 The Impact of the architecture and urban planning towards the health of the  habitants: Case study Ohrid UNESCO city in North Macedonia
Young Professionals Forum, ICCROM 2021 Contribution to the interdisciplinary of the museum professionals: case study of CULTHER project
GenComm Webinar on Marketable Hydrogen Innovations, 2020 Innovation Foundation
International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management Annual Meeting, 2021 Ohrid, the city of UNESCO: Model for linking the archaeological heritage to sustainable development goals
BIMcert Closing Event: Digital Skills to Reduce the Energy Footprint in the Built Environment, 2020 Energy efficiency of the future – Challenges and Opportunities
Virtual 8th World Sustainability Forum, 2020 Smart water management for sustainable agriculture
SDSN’s webinar on Aligning the European Recovery Plan and the European Semester with the SDGs, 2020 Aligning the European Recovery Plan and the European Semester with the SDGs
H2020 Virtual Brokerage Event on the European Green Deal Call, 2020 Green Deal Call Brokerage Event
Foresight VET 2035, December 2020 Green and Digital Transition in the Construction Sector
Conference: 3º Congresso Português de ‘Building Information Modelling’, 2020 BIMCERT Project: Digital Competencies Training for a More Sustainable Built Environment
Build Up Skills Webinar, 2020 Leveraging the skills of building professionals to deliver on the European Green Deal
Chapter in book: Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design

Selected Proceedings from the International Conference of Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society (SEEDS) 2019, Springer

Delivering Energy Savings for the Supply Chain Through Building Information Modelling as a Result of the Horizon 2020 Energy BIMcert Project
3rd CITA BIM Gathering, Galway, 2019 Improving the Sustainability of the Built Environment by Training its Workforce in More Efficient and Greener Ways of Designing and Constructing Through the Horizon2020 BIMcert Project
5th Annual SEEDS Conference, Ipswich, September 2019 Delivering Energy Savings for the Supply Chain Through Building Information Modelling as a Result of the Horizon2020 Energy BIMcert Project
EUSEW – EU Sustainable Energy Week, 2019 Energy efficient buildings now and in the future – A European Roadmap 2050
University-Industry Interaction Conference, June 2019 CO-IN Model as a holistic approach in university-industry collaboration in developing countries
18th MASE (Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers) Symposium 2019:  Monitoring, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Structures, 2019 Implementation of BIM od sustainable construction
International Symposium Energetics ZEMAK, 2018 Application of BIM for improvement of energy efficiency throughout complete life cycle of buildings – A Horizon 2020 funded BIMcert project
Silver Jubilee Conference of the 25th Anniversary of the MBA Management Master Studies, Faculty of Economics, Skopje, Macedonia, 2017 Developing management and leadership skills in engineers with MLS4Eng program
3rd China-SEE Conference, 2017 Building sustainable business models through collaborative-innovation partnerships
Entrepreneurship, engineering and management, PIM6, 2017 Sustainable Development in Engineering Organisations in Macedonia
Conference: Ecoforum Vol.6 (No.1), May 2017 A story on leadership styles from Macedonian companies: Components of transformational vs. transactional leadership influenced by aspects of emotional intelligence
International conference


Climate change impact assessment of cultural and natural heritage in Ohrid region
Ipazia 2nd Workshop on Gender: Culture and Gender IssuesAt: University of Rome “Niccolò Cusano”, 2016 Hierarchical Clustering Uncertainty Assessment in the Analysis of the Student Attitude Toward Change and Entrepreneurial Characteristics Analysis in Macedonia
International Symposium Energetics ZEMAK, 2016 Integral model for economic and ecologic evaluation of energy projects
Ecoforum Vol. 5(No 1), February 2016 Innovation Oriented Behaviour of Managers in Macedonian Organizations
REDETE – Researching Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Transition Economies, 2016 Enhancing Competitiveness Trough Collaborative Innovation Partnership – A Case Study of Macedonian Company
International conference


Тhe emission of particulate matter (PM10) in three Macedonian cities and its environmental and health impacts
International May Conference on Strategic Management – IMKSM2015, Bor, Serbia, 2015 Understanding Conflict in Small Businesses in Republic of Macedonia
Fifth international scientific conference Knowledge – Who and What, Bansko, Bulgaria, 2015 Search for Values and Talent in Organizations Striving Towards a Knowledge Based Economy- The Case of Republic of Macedonia
4th International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management – EMFM14, 2014 Sustainable Development in Macedonian Organisations
2nd International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, 2014 Learning Style and Change of Strategy in Conflict Management Among Macedonian Managers
Business Systems Laboratory – 2nd International Symposium SYSTEMS THINKING FOR A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY. Advancements in Economic and Managerial Theory and Practice, January 2014 The Influence of Spiritual Intelligence on Ethical Behavior in Macedonian Organizations