The strategic focus on sustainability of IECE is implemented in every aspect of our work and we address sustainability from an environmental, social, cultural and economic perspective.

This arises from the need to embrace sustainability challenges and contribute to a greener and circular European economy on a multi-level approach:

Personal level – empowering professionals and students with skills they need to tackle multi-dimensional complex problems and we provide support in doing this through our educational programs and short courses. It is important to note that all our project activities ensure sustainable and environmental-friendly practices since the developed training courses and innovative practices are digitally based and flexible for further upgrades. Read more

Organisational level – developing more open, collaborative, and explorative organisational cultures, supporting the transformation of SMEs, creating sustainable and innovative solutions, transforming their business value in sustainable manner toward green economy, through our consultancy services. IECE provides strong support to the business sector to bravely accept changes perform in a more sustainable way. Sustainable development of organisations is driven by organisations’ ability to continuously exploit their base of or access to intellectual capital (IC). IC is vital to innovation and competitive differentiation in many sectors, it stimulates organisational learning, enhances individual and organisational performance and innovative behaviour. Consequently, IC management needs to be a core strategic effort of any type of organisation. Read more

Systemic level deploying a bottom-up approach and influencing the growth and development of individuals and organisations, through our projects and scientific research. Read more

With our unique CO-IN© Model we stimulate international sustainable collaboration as crucial means to consolidate the benefits of learning and maximize the positive opportunities. Read more

To support our sustainability activities, we are members of a number of international networks that tackle sustainability from a multidisciplinary aspect. IECE has accepted the ten principles and joined the United Nations Global Compact. Read more

IECE is a national representative of SDSN Europe since 2020. With our work, we contribute to the multiple SDGs

Read more about the Sustainable Development Goals