Intellectual Capital Association (ICAA)

  • To promote and encourage the management of organisations’ intellectual capital

  • To establish partnerships with other national and international organisations

  • To support and promote initiatives in the form of seminars, conferences, workshops or other forms of collective reflection

  • To promote the worldwide exchange of ideas and experiences in the intellectual capital management field

  • To promote scientific research at national and international levels

  • To provide the enterprises and organisations’ human resources with tools to improve productivity and competitiveness

IECE is a national representative of the SDSN Europe

  • Providing and mobilizing support for the SDGs
  • Promoting practical Solution Initiatives and long-term pathways for sustainable development
  • Promoting high-quality education and research collaboration for sustainable development
  • Supporting governments in understanding and addressing the challenges of sustainable development

IECE’s founder Ass. Prof. Slavica Trajkovska is a member of UIIN

  • Positioned as an interface between academia and industry, to provide а mutual and beneficial exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise

  • Create platforms for knowledge exchange and networking

  • Promoting university-industry engagement

  • Conducting research on university-industry collaboration

IECE was recognised as one of the university-industry cooperation champions on the Boundary Spanning Champion, 2020

ICQ Global

IECE is certified by ICQ Global to provide service and education in the following actions, aiming to support individuals, teams and organisations in their growth and development

  • Assesment, coaching and training in Global Disk™ and Growth Mindset for individuals, teams and organisations

  • Using Global DISC™ to help companies keep their best people and attract new talent through Intelligent Global Leadership so they can lead them in a way that they feel valued, understood and able to turn their differences into synergy instead of painful liability

Global DISC™ is an ICF accredited, а multi award-winning behavioral model designed to unlock individual and group potential.

IECE is a member of UN Global compact

  • Incorporate the Global Compact principles into internal operations and communicate progress following the COP requirements
  • Deliver education on topics related to the Global Compact
  • Conduct applied research and thought leadership in relation to the Global Compact
  • Provide support to UN Global Compact business participants in their own sustainability implementation and disclosure efforts