IECE centres its education in the following fields: Environment, Management, Cultural Heritage, Civil Engineering, Energy, Management, Social Sciences etc. Through each of these fields, we address the major sustainability issues and challenges faced at national and international level.
We have rich experience in creating educational programs in higher education, VET, adult and youth education, designing platforms for education and networking, by analysing the educational needs, lack of competencies in specific professions, benchmarking the best educational programs and industry and technology trends. This ensures that our educational programs and short courses are providing useful skills and contribute towards closing the gap between demand and offer in the labour market.

With our educational offer we empower professionals and students with competencies they need to tackle multi-dimensional complex problems and we enhance their professional progress and careers.

We provide value-based competency analysis or competency mapping service.

All of our competency maps are all-encompassing, including professional, personal, and technical competencies, identifying the specific skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviours required to operate effectively in a specific trade, profession, or job position.

Using surveys and interviews we gather needed information, examine training history, challenges and needs in the company or industry, examine the industry standards, execute gap analysis, and propose customised training solution for closing skill gaps aligned to the business goals and the specific job requirements.

We provide customised approach, tailored to address the company size, current and future growth plans. Companies can benefit from our services by becoming more agile, increasing efficiency aligned with their strategic requirements, maximising the return on investments from training.

Our expert solutions will assist you to identify knowledge gaps, competency maps, individual learning plans and develop customised professional development training plan and programs.

We offer competency assessments and interviews with employees and managers to assess skills, competencies and knowledge levels then rate them against job functions, industry best practices, market needs and organisational goals to identify gaps. Report and recommended roadmap are produced for customised training plan according to the job-specific learning objectives, and measures for success to achieve organisational goals. Also, we can provide performance assessments, employee performance coaching and benchmark employee performance across organisation norms.

We conduct tailor made programmes to meet specific clients’ demands, providing competency-based trainings, which are cost-effective, goal-oriented, productive, motivational and empowering. All of our training programs are custom-designed to achieve specific performance-related outcomes.

Each training is developed based on the following analysis: needs and challenges of prospective learners; industry and technology trends and emerging skills; review of state of art and effective training programs; and benchmarking standards in the occupation or industry.

More specifically, the training programme formats take into consideration that professionals as learners: a) are self-directed and independent learners who benefit from different learning formats such as e-learning options, groups discussions or project work, b) are experienced in learning by doing and want to be able to apply their new learnings in their work life and private life, and c) want to have their learnings directly linked to what they need to know, i.e. they wish to resolve actual problems and find solutions to current challenges.

Innovative training methods and a learner-centered approach are embodied in our training programmes and educational strategies, making them applicable to learners from various backgrounds and those withholding different skills and capabilities.

The content and the delivery of the courses in the classroom, on the job and online, are based on principles for adult learning: focus on “real world“ problems, emphasize how the learning can be applied, allow debate and challenge of ideas relating the learning to the learner’s career goals.

The dynamic of each course consists of three parts:

Pre-course – participants will prepare for the topic by e-learning (videos, presentations and readings);

Core-part – in classrom or online, where participants will engage with the trainer and their peers in a workshop with variety of interactive training methods;

Post-course – participants will apply their new knowledge and skills by e-learning (individual assignments, projects and forums).

The innovative training methods are calibrated to fit the specific audience, the culture of their companies, the nature of the material, and considering time constraints of adult learners.

Some of the training methods we use are: Project/Problem based learning, Business stimulations, Self-assessment, Case studies, Role playing, Mentoring, On-the-job oriented training, Management Games, Knowledge-Based Methods, Gamification, Microlearning.

Strategic mix of methods influence to participants engagement and satisfaction, retention of concepts, transfer of knowledge into behaviors and creating new skills, and ultimately the impact on their performance, both individual and organisational

We create training partnerships with organisations, and match the skills and experience with the required learning outcomes, giving them the optimum development solution. Our aim is to ensure ROI (Return on Investment) is justified through the use of innovative and creative training programmes and methods.

The In-house trainings we offer are customised and developed with the company’s organisational objectives as its core guideline to complement the unique training requisites, needs and corporate culture.

There are numerous benefits form the use of this service for companies, such as: value for money, cost effective training plan and program, 100% customised, enhancing the synergistic effect and team building.

We design, develop and maintain innovative and interactive web-based platforms for education, knowledge and information exchange and networking. Our platforms have the capacity to enable sharing knowledge, provide training opportunities for students and professionals, as well serve as Knowledge Hub for exchanging practices in specific industry and support companies.

We use various graphic designing, programming, and other essential tools to provide responsive and engaging eLearning platforms, implementing gamification elements and provide flexible learning pathways by setting-up system for digital badges, tracking the achievements of the learners.

A 24/7 helpdesk team is available to address client’s concerns. We incorporate automation features that enable clients to auto-assign learning plans, schedule reports and synchronize users. Hence, our platforms guarantee higher enrolment, engagement and ROI.

We provide services in Quality Management in order to ensure a high level of quality for different projects and education related activities. The assessment of quality assurance and monitoring is carried out for each training programme, based on indicators, developed from the key areas, evaluating the effectiveness, satisfaction and learning progress of participants. To supervise the level of quality, a series of control mechanisms and tools are used such quality plan, monitoring, evaluation templates, peer-reviews, quality reports, etc.

Quality assurance instruments and mechanisms for evaluation and assessment are developed according to the needs of the client or the project, such as: Evaluation forms, Satisfaction questionnaires, Peer review, Risk assessment analysis, Quality checks and Progress reports.

The benefits of these activities are ensuring the successful attainment of quality education and specific project’s objectives, the effective risk management, achievement of learning objectives.

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