The specialised programme in Sustainability Leadership provides in-depth knowledge on sustainable management, circular economy, ESG, and sustainability leadership. Participants will develop enhance their competences in management and leadership in the context of sustainability.

All participants will be nudged to rethink and change behavior, embrace sustainability and, hopefully, become role models and continue to inspire others to contribute to the SDGs, especially to:

  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns;
  • Re-design of the current infrastructure;
  • Embrace inclusive and sustainable development, and foster innovation;
  • Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts;
  • Promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all;
  • Build resilient systems; and
  • Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.

Advanced courses on this topic and consultation services can be offered on-demand to entrepreneurs and managers who want to develop sustainable business models.

The courses offered in this programme are:

  1. Sustainability Leadership
  2. Fundamentals of Sustainability Management and Business Models
  3. CRS and Business Ethics
  4. Sustainability Finance and Investment
  5. Sustainability Communication Process
  6. Circular Economy
  7. Personal Sustainability Lifestyle
  8. Intellectual Capital and Sustainable Performance

After successful completion of the courses, each participant will write an applied research paper with the supervision of a mentor and co-mentor from a company.

This programme includes:

  • 8 courses
  • Video materials
  • Articles
  • Downloadable resources
  • Applied research project
  • Case studies
  • Certificate of completion

Who is this programme for?

This programme will benefit managers who want to explore a new approach to leading their organisation and get a better understanding of how to manage them in a more sustainable way. Also, this programme will benefit professionals who want to advance in their careers and become sustainable leaders; entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable start-ups.

Prospective Participants

  • Managers in companies, public organisations and NGOs;
  • Entrepreneurs & business owners;
  • Professionals.


  • Basic understanding of management;
  • Work experience is recommended;

Willingness to learn and passion for sustainability.

Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Articulate their own understanding of sustainable leadership in an unsustainable society. This programme will enable participants to cope with traditional leadership skills while challenging the participants’ prior knowledge of multiple aspects of leadership in a sustainability context.
  • Apply principles of sustainable leadership in the management of organisations.
  • Evaluate, quantify, and assess environmental, social and governance metrics of companies.
  • Propose new sustainable business management and make sustainability decisions.
  • Gain an understanding of complex relations between economic and ecological aspects of sustainability.
  • Develop and implement sustainability methods.
  • Critically analyse and reflect different approaches and concepts within this field.
  • Acquire an understanding of the sustainable economy and circular economy.
  • Conclude the existing and possible approaches to sustainable and circular practices in companies.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the definition of ethics and the importance and role ethical behaviour serves in the business world today.
  • Systematise the elements of intellectual capital (human capital, structural, organisational, process, innovation, customer capital).
  • Estimate the importance of intellectual capital and its relation to the sustainability of the company.
  • Apply the knowledge to a case study relevant to their companies.

Skills you will gain

Leadership skills, Managerial skills, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Analytic thinking, People-related skills, Personal skills, Business skills, Sustainable lifestyle.

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8 courses

Self-study and assignments:
9 months

Specialisation in Sustainability Leadership

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