We encourage municipalities to adopt sustainability perspectives, methods and tools into their strategic plans and management

Municipalities nowadays face lots of complex social, economic, and environmental problems. All these problems can be considered as wicked problems, being open, hard to establish boundaries, complex, having many elements and relationships, dynamic, changing over time, and networked, connecting many stakeholders. IECE adopts a holistic approach to solving complex, open and connected problems, providing guidance via frame innovation methodology to municipalities.

We enable new design thinking by utilising the frame innovation approach. The Frame creation process IECE adopts follows the following steps:

Source: Dorst, K., Frame Innovation: Create New Thinking by Design, The MIT Press, 2015

Effects of using this approach are discovering new ways to view problems, access a richer context, mine that context for solutions and overcome the paradox of a specific problem that appears unsolvable from within the frame that created it. There are number of benefits for municipalities to be expected:

  • Participative decision making process – Including all relevant stakeholders in finding solutions
  • Connectedness and satisfaction from community feeling – Higher acceptance and support in implementation of the proposed solutions
  • Policies and development programs – Creating new measures and improvement of strategic documents and annual action plans
  • New opportunities – Proactive approach and integration of short and long term solutions

Sustainable Tourism

Advice municipalities and local companies to integrate sustainable approach into planning and tourism products and services.

We support municipalities to explore the possibilities to develop sustainable practices in tourism,

Our services include:

  • Developing Strategy for Sustainable Tourism
  • Propose optimal use of environmental resources in tourism activities
  • Propose measure to respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserve their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values
  • Provide support for organisations and professionals to offer sustainable products and services

Conservation and prevention of cultural heritage is the crucial key for sustainable development.

Our services include:

  • Develop sustainable solutions of conserved built cultural heritage that will contribute to the sustainable future of municipalities
  • Propose measure for preservation and preventive conservation of cultural heritage from climate change influences
  • Manage cultural heritage values and attributes of UNESCO heritage sites

Sustainable Cultural Heritage

Valuing the history, importance of built cultural heritage and nurturing cultural values.

Sustainable Waste Management

Encourage policy makers, organisations and citizens to integrate sustainable waste management practices.

Municipalities should have urgent responses to build capacity and meet the short-term and long-term needs of waste management in a more sustainable manner.

Our services include:

  • Encourage and educate the municipal employees how to properly manage the waste generated in the municipalities
  • Propose measures and methods to integrate sustainable waste management practices
  • Support the implementation of WM legislation, organisation and realisation of the obligations of the municipalities

We provide comprehensive engineering knowledge and problem-solving skills through a combination of practical measures and industry projects.

Our services include:

  • Guidance in development and implementation of integrated sustainable water resources management
  • Advice municipality professionals for sustainable water and energy management in line with the national and EU policies
  • Close the gap between the needs for new knowledge, lack of educational programs, and challenges of organisations (private, public and NGOs) in sustainable water and energy management

Sustainable Use of Resources – Water and Energy

Embracing new approach to the way municipalities plan, manage and use water and energy.

Funding Opportunities

Project management of research, education and innovation projects.

We provide a range of project management services – from project ideas, creating a proposal, managing project applications, quality assurance, dissemination and communication.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of the needs, attractiveness of the project idea, choice of the most suitable financing mechanism and assessment of project eligibility
  • Perform partner search and design of a consortium, design of project application
  • Developing project applications for public sources
  • Support in management research, education and innovation EU projects

IECE is certified by ICQ Global to provide service and education in the following actions, aiming to support individuals, teams and organisations in their growth and development.

Our services include:

  • Assessment, coaching and training in Global Disk™ and Growth Mindset for individuals, teams and municipalities
  • Using Global DISC™ to help municipalities keep their best people and attract new talent
  • Support municipalities management through Intelligent Global Leadership to lead staff in a way that they feel valued, understood and able to turn their differences into synergy instead of painful liability

Capacity Building of Municipality Teams and Management

Using Global DISC™ – an ICF accredited, а multi award-winning behavioural model designed to unlock individual and group potential.

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