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Positioned as an interface between academia and industry

IECE is a recognised international center of excellence with strategic focus on sustainability and knowledge economy.

We enable creating sustainable systems and business transformation, by managing knowledge and intellectual capital.

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Towards the knowledge-based economy supporting public-private partnerships for R&D&I.

Multi award-winning behavioural model designed to unlock individual and team potential.

Solving complex problems with long-term impact via frame innovation methodology.

Transforming resources into human capital by maximising ROI and applicable knowledge.

Alliances for knowledge creation and transfer, applied research and innovation.

Competitive advantage through business transformation and managing intellectual capital

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  • 05 • 06 • 2024

    Methodology of Preparation of Report for Determination of Protection Zones of Springs for Public Water Supply

    IECE Team

    Water is of an essential importance for health, well-being, technological and economic development of humanity. "Without water there is no life". Goal no. 6 ...

  • 07 • 12 • 2023

    Open Call for Climate Adaptation Innovations

    IECE Team

    ARSINOE is thrilled to announce the launch of our 2nd Open Tenders for Innovations. If you are working on cutting-edge solutions for climate adaptation, ...

  • 09 • 06 • 2023

    Webinar: Empowering Sustainability Competences – Utilising the GreenComp Framework for Training Programs

    IECE Team

    On 8 June 2023, from 14:00-16:00 CEST the webinar "Empowering Sustainability Competences: Utilising the GreenComp Framework for Training Programs" took place. The webinar addressed ...

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