Being professional marketer requires specific techniques, innovative solutions, creative ideas, new skills, open mind, because the marketing is one of crucial keys for companies success and creating sustainable brands.

The wider objective of this project is to develop marketing solutions for sustainable brands. solutions that will create competitive brands on the market. One of the most important priorities of our project is achievement of relevant and high quality skills and competences by developing program for marketing and event management.  Within our project, we will design professional development program to improve the knowledge, skills and competences of marketing and event managers, using innovative and adult learner-centred pedagogical approaches and developing appropriate assessment and certification methods.

Development and implementation of this project is sustainable investment for the future, because it will  be highly effective program developed according to the needs and trends in the marketing and event management industry and will boost the performance of the marketers at their working places.

Target group

The target group consists of marketing managers, event managers, entrepreneurs, who wish to upgrade their knowledge to be competitive on market and bring value to the company where they work. The professional development program will improve their competencies, link to their professional profiles, increase opportunities for professional development, and will increase the motivation and satisfaction in their daily work, bringing benefit to the company. The benefits for the companies will be in improving knowledge in developing marketing solutions so they can build sustainable brands.


  • Develop a new innovative educational program for strategic event management, tailored and implemented to the needs and expectations of marketing and event managers;
  • Create exceptional quality of higher education, combining a high level of excellence and attractiveness;
  • Expand marketing and event management knowledge and performance through improvement of competencies in marketing and event management and developing marketing solutions for sustainable brands;
  • Learn innovative techniques for marketing event management to develop solutions for competitive brands on the market.
  • Market analysis of needs and challenges of marketing and event managers in the marketing and event management sector
  • Benchmarking of effective and most required programs in Europe
  • Marketing and event management standards and principles
  • Analysis results and benchmarking reports with recommendations for curriculum development
  • Curriculum development for professional educational program for managers in marketing and event management sector
  • Developing learning materials and marketing event management practicum
  • Developing learning platform and online education
  • Handbook for professional educational program for marketing and event management
  • Dictionary for marketing and event management terms, acronyms & abbreviations
  • Delivering accreditation guidelines and procedures for program accreditation on National Level 
  • Booklet of achieved results 
  • Quality assurance manual
  • Strategic Event Management
  • Event Concept and Design
  • Event Controlling & Performance
  • Sustainable Brands
  • Intelligent Event Leadership
  • Event Industry Challenges & Trends

It is more than evident the feeling that after such training we all leave with enriched theoretical and practical knowledge. This training can at least be defined as the leader of this type of event training in N. Macedonia. Apart from the excellent structure of the material presented and the sophisticated selection of lecturers from different countries who bring great experience with them, a special light falls on the organization of IECE in a beautifully designed training environment where the discipline and flexibility are complemented by teamwork and mutual respect with the lecturers.

Dushica Nedelkoska, North Macedonia

As an event manager with a high awareness that every day is a new opportunity for a better version of myself, over the past 7 years I have attended countless trainings, seminars, conferences, and all other forms of upgrading knowledge, qualifications, and skills in the field. I admit that almost everyone has noticed that there is a lack of practical momentum, group work, individual evaluation of what has been learned, lectures on examples, and models that can be applied to us, yet are contemporary and sophisticated. Because of that, I honestly and firmly assure every reader that Dimension is an ideal form of personal development in the event industry.

Ema Anchevska, North Macedonia

It was a great pleasure to be part of DiMenSion organized by IECE. A unique program, cutting-edge lecturers, world-class experiences that could be easily implemented in local contexts, great socializing, and lasting friendships … or simply a program that everyone who invests in their business education and expansion should attend.

Sanja Nikolovska, North Macedonia

This course was very useful for me. Dimension devotes a lot of time and effort to upgrading and developing the knowledge the skills for everyone. I had the opportunity to learn new strategies and practices which will help me a lot in the future to increase my productivity at my working place.

Monika Petrushevska, North Macedonia

The Dimension program has prepared me to successfully and professionally meet all the challenges we face in organizing events. This great, realistic and applicable program, it has allowed us to learn from world-class professionals who maximize the potential of each participant. The big picture of successful European companies was well-presented trough Dimension.

Mihaela Nikushevski, North Macedonia

DiMenSion shed a new light on my self-perception, gave some new air in my self-reflection and enhanced my inner self-esteem thus upgrading the professional ME. To me, DiMenSion was and still is VISION, MISSION and PASSION for new challenges and unique experiences that I strongly believe are yet to come. THANK YOU DiMenSion!

Marijana Cvetkovska, North Macedonia

The DiMenSion program is the shortest path to enhanced European experience, knowledge and practices in marketing solutions, PR and brand sustainability events. Most importantly, the course attendee can immediately apply them in their work. As a longtime experienced PR practitioner I recommend the program 100% and I can say that it is one of the highest quality I have participated in.

Evridika Nikolovska, North Macedonia
Implementation period

September 2017 – August 2019

Reference number