Project objective: The wider objective of the project is to improve manager’s and leader’s performance and sustainability actions through enhancing their leadership skills and abilities to innovate, collaborate and manage change. The major aim of the project is to jointly develop and implement program for sustainability leadership, which will address key issues in sustainability, and will enhance the ability of leaders to innovate, collaborate and catalyze change, creating sustainable organizations and societies. The program will be developed based on the needs of managers and leaders, research evidence and principles of sustainability leadership, sustainability standards and SDGs requirements. Throughout the joint program for Sustainability Leadership they will develop advanced leaderships skills and practices, ground theoretical approaches in practice facilitated by distinguished affiliates, receive professional orientation by providing meaningful application of the learning in their organizations, network with peer from other countries and working together on sustainability projects.

Target group: The target group consists of: managers working in local, national and governmental bodies, the private and non-profit sector, and are willing to make a difference and integrate strategies for sustainability in their organizations. Also, target group are students who have interest and plans to work as key players in project management and organizational development environments, where broader issues of societal development are important


  • New innovative joint program for Sustainability Leadership, tailored, developed and implemented to the needs and expectations of managers and leaders;
  • Higher quality of higher education, combining high level of excellence and attractiveness;
  • Managers and employees will expand their knowledge and understanding of sustainability, adapt their behavior and decision-making and will be future promoters of sustainability;
  • Stimulation and encouragement to initiate projects, businesses or organizations with the purpose of working toward sustainable development, new opportunities to cultivate and re-create the working environment that has the capacity to stimulate continuous improvement on a broad front.
  • Promotional materials
  • Analysis of the needs and challenges of managers and leaders regarding sustainability;
  • Analysis of good practices and courses for sustainability and leadership skills in Europe and Benchmarking sustainability standards and reporting;
  • Curriculum development of joint program;
  • Promotional activities and recruitment and selection of pilot group of learners;
  • Implementation of joint program, mobility of students and academic staff.
  • Sustainable leadership and organizational behavior
  • Fundamentals of sustainability management and business models
  • CRS and business ethics
  • Sustainability finance and investment
  • Sustainability entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability communication process
  • Sustainable environment management and circular economy
  • Sustainable change for competitive advantage
  • Selected topics and methods in sustainable development
  • Personal sustainability and development of life and professional skills
  • Intellectual capital and sustainable performance
  • Strategic sustainability management

I feel honored to have been part of the inaugural Joint Program for Sustainability Leadership in Macedonia. It is a timely and much-needed break from standard management and business programs, as it focuses on developing holistic managers and specialists which can balance organizational goals with societal and environmental goals. Furthermore, I am thankful that the program helped create an international network of sustainability researchers and practitioners.

Igor Noveski, Macedonia

The programme challenged participants to start looking at certain issues differently, which will enable us to become sustainability leaders in our companies, organisations and communities. One of the cases or topics covered that I would highlight is the circular economy – a more and more popular approach to an economy where resources flow throughout the business ecosystem and thus reduce the number of resources used, pressure on natural resources and it also has the potential to create new jobs. It is an exciting new model with sustainability in its heart.

Petra Hartman, Slovenia

Before involving in the program PosSible I knew nothing about Sustainability and hаd only a narrow view that It can be something connected with recycling. The program gave me not only the knowledge and general understanding of Sustainability issues but also the guidelines and skills how to apply the knowledge and information connected to Sustainability in practice, not only in personal life but also in business, having a worldwide view of the problem and lead the company in a sustainable way. It was really wonderful that the program gave me the possibility to meet and share the knowledge and practice with the students from involved countries and the possibility to see the best examples of sustainable companies in Austria, Graz.

Silvija Tendzegolskienė, Lithuania
Implementation period

September 2016 – August 2018

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