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Since their foundation, the role of universities in society has changed over time. Their first role was to preserve the culture and knowledge. Over time, the interaction with institutions outside universities has increased considerably. The linkages between universities and industry have changed in the form and in the intensity of the interaction. Nowadays new roles are also expected from universities, besides teaching and research – in terms of relationships and entrepreneurship.

IECE, positioned as an interface between academia and industry, applies the Collaborative-Innovative (CO-IN)© Model in the services and guidance offered to universities:

  • Building an innovation eco-system supporting the knowledge triangle through collaboration and strategic partnerships
  • Creating platforms for innovation, knowledge exchange and networking
  • Increasing the added value from education and research by creating useful knowledge
  • Closing the gap between demand and offer in the labour market and bridging the valley of death

The CO-IN© Model has been validated by the European Commission in 2018, by co-funding an Erasmus+ project: All4R&D and in 2022, by funding the multi-million project CATALYST.

IECE was recognised as one of the university-industry cooperation champions on the Boundary Spanning Champion Forum in 2020.

Establishing Cooperative R&D Centres

Partner up with industry in knowledge creation and transfer, research and innovation.

We support universities to reinforce existing and to establish new university structures – Cooperative R&D Units together with industry.

Our services include:

  • Develop a methodology for collaboration and open innovation
  • Assess the current situation and the entrepreneurial and innovation potential of universities
  • Establishment of Cooperative R&D Units
  • Preparation of strategic documents and portfolio of activities
  • Pilot joint research projects and monitor its effectiveness
  • Provide recommendations for commercialisation of R&D results
  • Enhance career development and employability of students by offering new and innovative opportunities in research

We provide a bridge between universities and companies by utilising innovative and interactive platform, and overcoming the challenges in their collaboration.

Our services include:

  • Conceptualisation and design of collaborative, interactive platforms
  • Establish web based platform focusing on knowledge transfer, innovation and networking potential
  • Networking possibilities – online and in person, organising events, conferences, round-tables and workshops
  • Analysis and mapping of university’s partnership goals and current partnering activities with business partners
  • Enable strategic partnerships and create annual action plans for collaboration with companies

Collaborative and
Open Innovation Platform

Creating opportunities for networking, strategic partnerships and collaboration.

Applied Research and
Innovation Projects

We provide practical approach to enhance your entrepreneurial mindset.

Our aim is to co-create useful knowledge and contribute to the commercialisation of innovation and business growth. The long-term impact of these activities is closing the gap between the demand and offer in the labour market.

Our services include:

  • Establish a model of collaboration and joint research projects
  • Develop and implement research and innovation projects in collaboration with faculties, companies and Master and PhD students
  • Knowledge and technology transfer, modernisation of processes and introducing new standards
  • Co-creation of knowledge and its integration in the teaching programs

We provide a range of project management services – from project ideas, creating a proposal, managing project applications, quality assurance, dissemination and communication.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of the needs, attractiveness of the project idea, choice of the most suitable financing mechanism and assessment of project eligibility
  • Perform partner search and design of a consortium, design of project application
  • Preparation of business plan, investment pitch and mapping of companies for private sources and developing applications for public sources
  • Support in management research, education and innovation EU projects

Funding Opportunities

Project management of research, education and innovation projects.

Capacity Building of
University Teams and Management

Using Global DISC™ – an ICF accredited, а multi award-winning behavioural model designed to unlock individual and group potential.

IECE is certified by ICQ Global to provide service and education in the following actions, aiming to support individuals, teams and organisations in their growth and development.

Our services include:

  • Assessment, coaching and training in Global Disk™ and Growth Mindset for individuals, teams and universities
  • Using Global DISC™ to help universities keep their best people and attract new talent
  • Support university management through Intelligent Global Leadership to lead university staff in a way that they feel valued, understood and able to turn their differences into synergy instead of painful liability

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