The aim of the project is to accelerate research, innovation, knowledge, and technology transfer in B&H and Armenia through enhancing strategic academia-industry alliances.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To reinforce existing and to establish new university structures – Cooperative R&D Units together with industry partners in the areas of knowledge creation and transfer, research and innovation, commercialisation of R&D results;
  • To develop a methodology for collaboration and open innovation and establish web based platform focusing on knowledge transfer, innovation and networking potential
  • To test and review the model of collaboration between universities and companies through pilot projects
  • To enhance career development and employability of students and alumni by offering new and innovative opportunities in research and education.


In order to achieve the project objectives, the project will target at individual capacity development, institutional development and inter-institutional collaborations.

At individual level, participants will enhance their personal and professional development:

  • Cooperative R&D staff will be trained and coached to run the Cooperative R&D Units;
  • Academic staff will be guided to work with professionals from industry, and to jointly create and implement training courses and innovative services for alumni and students;
  • Students and alumni will be empowered by taking part in the unique course programs, engaged in competition, mentoring and internship programs, as well as participating in joint research projects;
  • Professionals from industry will develop new experiences and invest their knowledge in education as trainers and conduct joint research on meaningful topics according to their company/industry needs.

At an institutional level, Cooperative R&D Units will be embedded in the universities’ structure and conditions for communication and cooperation with other units. Cooperative R&D Units will support the establishing of academia-industry alliances and maximising the benefits from these partnerships. The Units will enhance the capacities of universities and companies in B&H and Armenia to conduct joint research projects and increase the chances of participating in projects funded by third-party funds.

Inter-institutional collaborations will be provided through the Collaboration and Open Innovation platform. A large network of researchers from universities, industry, young researchers (MSc and PhD students) will be developed, providing opportunities and research infrastructure to collaborate.

This project activity will address the priority to improve the knowledge triangle and accelerate innovation in B&H and Armenia. All project activities will increase the awareness of the importance of cooperative research and ultimately academia-industry alliances will influence national innovativeness and competitiveness.

Target group: The target group consists of managers working in local, national, and governmental bodies, the private and non-profit sector, and are willing to make a difference and integrate strategies for sustainability in their organizations. Also, the target group are students who have an interest and plans to work as key players in project management and organizational development environments, where broader issues of societal development are important


  • New innovative joint program for Sustainability Leadership, tailored, developed and implemented to the needs and expectations of managers and leaders;
  • Higher quality of higher education, combining a high level of excellence and attractiveness;
  • Managers and employees will expand their knowledge and understanding of sustainability, adapt their behavior and decision-making, and will be future promoters of sustainability;
  • Stimulation and encouragement to initiate projects, businesses, or organizations with the purpose of working toward sustainable development, new opportunities to cultivate and re-create the working environment that has the capacity to stimulate continuous improvement on a broad front.


Civil Engineering Faculty at “Ss.Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, Macedonia – UKIM –


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Implementation period

November 2018 – November 2022

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