Eco skills, also known as sustainability skills, are knowledge, values, and behaviors needed for every job, in order to achieve sustainable social, economic, cultural, and environmental results in the organization and society. With the ever-increasing challenges of pollution and climate change, the importance and large benefit of these skills will constantly increase in the future. 

Unique of its kind, the European educational program “Developing Eco Skills for a Green Economy” enables the upgrading of green skills with the personal and professional development of participants. The program is tailored to create competitive staff who will provide eco-development on a personal and on an organisational level, and contribute to higher self-sustainability, organizational and societal sustainability.

Project objective: The wider objective of the project is to develop the green skills of the participants that will contribute to a sustainable future on a personal level, in their organizations and society. The aim of the project is the development of the joint European courses on eco skills for a green economy, in the field of sustainability, waste, and energy management.  

The consortium developed teaching materials, curriculum, and learning platform, which were implemented as pilot courses in Austria, Finland, N. Macedonia, Slovenia, and Romania. The project was delivered transnationally and developed models for best practice and facilitated actions for eco skills in sustainability, waste, and energy management, taking into account experiences from already existing programs and paying particular attention to the needs of developing countries.

Target groups: The target group consists of representatives working in companies and industry sector, national and governmental bodies, public institutions, and non-profit sector, who are willing to contribute to higher self-sustainability, sustainability in their organisations and society. 

Project results

  • Develop new innovative European program for eco skills for a green economy, supported with online learning environment;
  • Expand the knowledge for eco skills for a green economy through the improvement of competencies in the field of sustainable development, waste and energy management on personal and organizational level;
  • Create exceptional quality of adult education, combing high level of excellence and attractiveness; 
  • Learn innovative techniques and tools to develop solutions for a sustainable and green economy.


  • Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy – IECE, North Macedonia

Project partners

  • Curriculum for courses for eco skills for a green economy
  • Learning materials for eco skills for a green economy 
  • ICT learning environment for the courses;
  • Handbook;
  • Booklet;
  • Quality Assurance Plan;
  • Dissemination Plan and Strategy;
  • Exploitation Plan;
  • Promotional activities and recruitment and selection of a pilot group of learners;
  • Implementation of the joint program, mobility of trainers and participants;
  • Key Findings;
  • Brochure;
  • Flayer
  • Sustainability and sustainable life 
  • Cleaner production and EMS
  • Waste management on personal level
  • Waste management on organizational level
  • Energy management on personal level
  • Energy management on organizational level

The Educational Program and interactive teaching “Developing eco skills for a green economy” for me was an excellent possibility to learn more about the green skills for sustainability. On the courses, I received knowledge from the highest professionals in the topics in N. Macedonia.  I started to use the knowledge from the courses on a personal level, as well as in the professional field. 

I received a great possibility to be included in many processes in enlarging the personal and professional eco skills, and by that to influence not only on the work in my company but also in the regional level.  I hope that I will put my knowledge for gaining more sustainability in my company, in nature, and in society, as well.  I hope that the eco skills, including sustainability, waste and energy management will be very useful and I will be using them in my company AD Post of North Macedonia.

Blagica Stojcevska, North Macedonia

First of all, I would like to thank you for the way you organized the course “Development of ecological skills for an ecological economy – DECOS” that I took through your company. 

The course itself was very useful, on this occasion I managed to clarify a number of problems I face in the activity I carry out daily in my daily life.

I will definitely recommend the environmental management systems to my colleagues and friends. Thank you again!

Michaela Ghita, Romania

As a practitioner in green skills it is of utmost importance to have the awareness and knowledge on the waste management, energy management and sustainability/cleaner production.  In this regard, the European educational program “Developing Eco Skills for a Green Economy” enables upgrading of green skills with personal and professional development of participants. 

The program really met my expectations in providing us with different approaches and tools for integral protection of the environment, through group work, presentations and lectures by international experts. In addition, it provided a great platform for exchanging lessons and experience among the various participants who attended these courses.

Petra Hocevar, Slovenia
Implementation period

November 2018 – November 2019