Building Information Modelling has become a key requirement in the built environment, where all relevant information is created and managed through the lifecycle of a construction project and where digital and virtual reality technology can be used to provide information on every aspect of the project.

BIMcert is a training program delivered via a blended online learning platform, offering a range of Building Information Modelling (BIM) learning tools and materials. Through the platform, utilizing gamification and “bite-size” learning, the aim is to deliver training to a wide range of construction industry workers, at a time and location that suits them. The qualifications via BIMcert are targeted at learners who have an interest in working across the architectural, engineering and construction sector, including supply chain, particularly within the area of digital construction and Building Information Modelling. With the focus on the use of BIM for Energy Efficiency, the aim is to improve the building environment by training all involved in more efficient ways of designing and constructing the built environment.


  1. To improve the sustainability of the built environment by training its workforce in more efficient and greener ways of designing and constructing through the use of BIM processes, better materials, products, and energy sources.
  2. To engage with the entire construction sector supply chain (design to O&M stages) via BIM to develop wider European links and to encourage a system of peer support across states of varying maturity with respect to delivery of more energy-efficient new and renovated buildings, including through prefabrication & modular construction, and by raising awareness, both conceptual (benefits) and practical (tools), including to the end-user.
  3. To encourage greater workforce mobility, continuous upskilling, and better employability for all levels of employees in the construction sector. To be achieved through the development and sustainable provision of an efficient, standardized, and sustainable blended training programmer, based on international best practices, policies, and mandates, and utilizing real-world prototypes to achieve better employability for all levels of employees in the construction sector.
  4. To create clear pathways of development for individuals and SMEs to upskill from any starting point of knowledge to any required level of individual or collaborative expertise in support of sustainable energy-efficient construction
  5. To develop a pan-European framework for recognition and accreditation of BIMcert’s “bite-sized” learning modules, which constitute what we call “micro-accreditation” of knowledge and which recognize and certify existing and new skills. Sets of these Micro accredited learning modules will combine to build towards fully standardized skills recognition linking within existing national and European initiatives and frameworks of accredited courses and awards

Project partners are a mix of industry and academia and are experts in providing BIM solutions, skills, and training for the construction industry. In effect, the project team and partners are a union of professional skills for energy efficiency in construction, and a modern software tool for planning, design, and construction follow-up (Building Information Modelling), that will enhance the effects of improved knowledge and competence.

Project partners:

  1. Belfast Metropolitan College –
  2. Technological University Dublin –
  3. Construction Industry Training Board –
  4. Instituto Superior Tecnico –
  5. Future Analytics Consulting
  6. Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar –
Implementation period

1 March 2018 – 31 January 2020

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