Project objective: ARISE’s mission is to support the dual transition of the construction sector, by training all professional profiles in the sector, on digital and sustainable energy skills needed in the future transition, along with recommendations for key market drivers, skills recognition, and exploitation of the benefits of their implementation.

In its innovative approach, ARISE will apply a system-related solution to:

  1. The method of training,
  2. Transaction and recognition of individual learning profiles,
  3. Matrix of maturity of skills, new qualifications, and jobs,
  4. Teaching content based on professional expertise,
  5. The impact of energy performance skills on buildings,
  6. New market models of skills demand,
  7. Stimulation of investments in buildings with high energy efficiency.

Over 1000 participants from all over Europe will be engaged in the demonstration phases of the project, which will thus improve their skills and competencies. This will induce effects of energy savings of over 4.5 million kWh / year, the share of energy from renewable sources of over 2.25 million kWh / year, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of over 3.5 t / y per year, and initiating investments in energy-efficient buildings of 1.3 million EUR / year.

The training and qualification transaction system to be developed by the Project will provide participants with cryptocurrency with a value commensurate with the level of competencies achieved – CERTcoin. The received credits will be deposited in the Individual Learning Account and can be used in valid certificates. The training process will thus become more accessible, more time-efficient, and equally attractive to all professional profiles of members of the construction sector, both in terms of delivery and demand for services and products. The project aims to build an ecosystem for innovative solutions to adapt to climate change.

Target group: Public administration specialists, Companies in the relevant sectors, Lifelong learning institutions, CPD providers, SMEs, Independent professionals, End-users, General public and civil society, policymakers, and project stakeholders at the national and EU level, Media / press.


  1. Mr. Paul McCormack, Belfast Metropolitan College, United Kingdom –

Project partners:

  1. Belfast Metropolitan College, United Kingdom –
  2. Technological University Dublin, Ireland –
  3. Stichting ISSO, Netherlands –
  4. Architects’ Council of Europe, Belgium –
  5. Institute for BIM, Italy –
  6. Building Changes Support B.V., Netherlands –
  7. Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Denmark –
  8. Instituto Superior Technico, Portugal –
Implementation period

September 2021 – December 2023