Knowledge in the field of waste management is insufficient and an urgent response is needed to build capacity and meet the short-term and long-term needs of waste management experts in the public sector. According to the assessment in the project partner’s countries, there is missing or insufficient WM educational programs integrated and offered to municipalities and public companies in the partners’ countries which would allow employees to acquire the needed competencies and increase their productivity while enabling sustainability for their local community.  This will be made possible by building relevant and high-quality skills and competencies through the development and implementation of Sustainable Waste Management Courses for municipalities.

The ENCOURAGE project will help to change the current approach, to accept and embrace the sustainable concept of waste management and at the same time act as an influential factor in encouraging other members of the community to follow their example.

One of the most important priorities of this project is to encourage and educate the municipal employees how to properly manage the waste generated in the municipalities. The acquired knowledge and skills will encourage them to ensure continuous sustainable management of their waste.Also, the project aims to provide unique support across EU to students, entrepreneurs and innovators dedicated to developing innovative solutions to social challenges.

The project assumes development of high quality innovative IOs dedicated for e-learning. ENCOURAGE will provide well-defined results, services and solutions with precisely analyzed strategies that are up to date with new digital trends. Project tried to underline strong commitment to the continuity of the programs in an outstanding quality and to support the students in acquisition new competence while operating of the training materials available on the innovative e-platform. Lacking knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable WM can be improved by passing the knowledge from know-how countries.

The project training courses will cover topics that will provide implementation of WM legislation, organization and realization of the obligations of the municipalities, establishment of sustainable WM system, reducing of waste quantities and proper waste management in general. Implementation of the gained skills and knowledge in appropriate waste management will contribute to reduction of emissions of GHG, i.e. positive impact on climate emissions, and reduction of air, water and soil pollution, which are directly connected with the WM.

Target groups of the project ENCOURAGE

The aim is the education of the target groups: representatives from waste or environmental department within municipalities, VET schools/teachers/trainees as well as decision makers for sustainable WM in line with the national and EU policies.

The International consortium is composed of EU-VET organizations from Cyprus, Greece, N.Macedonia, Poland and Slovenia

Partner organizations: 

Implementation period

1 January 2022 – 31 December 2023