The goal of the scientific-research project is to test the influence of the use of the easily accessible local packaging glass as an aggregate in concrete on its physical and mechanical properties. The fresh concrete mixture and the hardened concrete are tested. The proving of the physical-mechanical properties of the concrete that contains variable quantity of waste glass enables for use of this material in the fabrication of an ecological material of sustainable significance.

  • IECE
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius

The purpose of this national project is to show that with the correct application and processing of glass, it can improve, or at least meet the necessary physical and mechanical properties of concrete. This approach also solves the problem of excessive waste. The obtained results were used to raise the use of waste glass to a higher level in our country.

Proving the physico-mechanical properties of concrete, which contains a variable amount of waste glass as an aggregate, enables the application of this material for the production of an ecological material with sustainable significance.

Waste glass as an aggregate for concrete has great potential for the future development of the high-quality concrete industry in our country. This relatively new material is economically justified, easily available and easily processed. It contributes to a more ecological and safer living environment in several ways.

Project field

Civil Engineering

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