Regular practice of mindfulness helps to strengthen the focus and capacity to manage thoughts, emotions, behavior, developing greater self-awareness. Normal everyday life tends to get busy, with quite a lot of challenges, and very often it becomes harder to stay present in the moment and keep focus and engagement. Being present in your work and life can assist with developing greater resilience, stress reduction and self-regulation, while at the same time better engagement with people, teams, challenges and opportunities.

This course is designed to promote your overall health and wellbeing, and will incorporate mindfulness techniques to deal with managing stress, anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and boost vitality and energy.

During a period of 40 days the participants will have opportunity to develop new skills and habits, by challenging their behaviour and current habits living life unmindfully. Participants will be engaged in active learning, utilizing several techniques, such as experiential exercises, guided meditations, mental models, problem solving, personal reflection, self-assessment quiz, think-pair-share, misconception check, letter to my younger self, interactive discussions, role playing etc. Within this course the participants will have opportunity to explore their lifestyle, approach to everyday situations and mindful practices, and challenge themselves to adopt effective methods for balanced life (private and professional).

Additional guidance and coaching one-on-one and in small groups can be offered on-demand to professionals who want to further develop and practice mindfulness skills.

Topics covered in the course are:

  • Pre-assessment and post-assessment on Mindfulness;
  • Understanding mindfulness;
  • Signs of unbalanced life;
  • The pleasure and power of being present;
  • Mindfulness of body;
  • Mindfulness of mind and thoughts;
  • Mindfulness of emotions;
  • Mindfulness of self;
  • Developing Holistic lifestyle;
  • Practicing mindfulness in everyday life;
  • The benefits of a work-life balance;
  • How to practice effortlessly mindfulness throughout workday.

This course includes:

  • 8 hours of video material
  • 40 exercises in audio format
  • Articles
  • Downloadable resources
  • Personal development project
  • Certificate of completion

Who is this course for?

  • This course will benefit students, professionals and managers who want to explore a new approach to leading mindful life, and apply these skills to have better performance, more focus and concentration, quality of life, and better wellbeing. Also, this course will benefit people who want to replace old patterns which are not functional, enhancing their capabilities and awareness to manage their own life, with more meaning and purpose.

Prospective Participants

  • Managers in companies, public organisations and NGOs who have very busy life and are in need to improve their wellbeing;
  • Professionals who feel overwhelmed with stress and experience burnout;
  • Students who want to improve their studying and wellbeing.


  • No pre-requisites for this course related to previous knowledge and experience.
  • Participants should be prepared to dedicate minimum 30 minutes daily in a period of 40 days to successfully accomplish the course.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Identify the elements of mindfulness (mindfulness of body, mindfulness of mind and thoughts, mindfulness of emotions, and mindfulness of self);
  • Discuss the importance of being present in your work and life;
  • Understand the benefits of personal energy efficiency achieved through better mindfulness;
  • Use resources and techniques for balanced life;
  • Experiment and reflect on mindfulness techniques;
  • Adopt effective methods for mindful life at work and home.

Skills you will gain

Professionalism, Flexibility/adaptability, Personal skills, Communication and Interpersonal skills, Problem solving, Analytic thinking, Decision making, Business skills, Creativity/innovation.

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4 training sessions and 2 coaching sessions

Self-study and assignments:
25 hours


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